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Short for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, otherwise known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease". It's a neurodegenerative disease characterized by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle atrophy, and difficulty speaking, swallowing, and breathing. ALS is the most common of the five motor neuron disease.
Peter Frates was diagnosed with ALS, and due to appearences at various meetings and such events, the ALSIceWater challenge was created.
by A-person_yay August 17, 2014
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Something that has to force it's way into everything.
Guy1: oh my gosh, that white guy is playing against a bunch of black guys!
Guy2: oh my gosh, the black guy is so white.

Guy3: oh my gosh, who gives a shit what ethnicity they are? Stop stereotyping.
by A-person_yay July 28, 2014
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short for popular culture. is pretty much anything that can be identified by the majority of the youth population. and when i say youth, i mean anyone from 6-30. in short, pop culture is jokes, practices, groups of people, and terms that are used by/funny to the majority of the youth population.
pop culture is referenced in movies a lot, especially in animated (or non-animated) adventure movies that can be watched and (mostly) understood by anyone. like putting internet memes or cat videos in a movie.
by A-person_yay March 27, 2014
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the opposite of a fact; an opinion is Someone's personal judgement on something. Things like quality of TV shows, movies, books, people, bands, etc etc are all opinions. Stupid people often believe that their opinion is a fact and that everyone who disagrees with them is a moron. (I.e. Everyone who is involved in politics) opinions are, by their very nature, not factual, nor false. Things like tv shows movies, books, etc are all subjective mediums, which means their quality differs from person to person based on their opinions.
An opinion would be " George Bush is stupid" or "anime is for kids". A fact would be "George Bush is a human male and former president of the USA" or "anime is a type of animated tv show".
by A-person_yay November 15, 2014
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used to describe a person who is completely themselves, never afraid to be who they are, not worrying about what other people think of them. these people also tend to be completely respectable, friendly, and just plain awesome. Individuals cannot be put into a category because they act how they want, not how others want them to. they can think outside the box, because they are not confined by others to think only about certain things. they have butt-loads of creativity, which means that they can come up with a completely original idea, or an idea that was influenced by others' thoughts. contrary to the popular belief of those without it, creativity is NOT "forgetting who you stole from", but rather an ability that is looked down on in the adult world.
John: ummm, dude? why are you doing that?
Finn: why not?
John: because the popular people say that that's not cool!
Finn: i don't care what they think. they aren't the boss of me!
John: wow. that's awesome. you're an individual, aren't you?
Finn: i don't like labels, bro.
John yup, you're an individual alright
by A-person_yay February 19, 2014
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a tool that has been around for centuries, consisting of mainly a grip, body, magazine, and barrel. there are thousands of different guns, or firearms, that exist or have existed, and it was made for one purpose; hurling a projectile at high speeds with as much as a twitch of the finger. guns themselves are not dangerous, unless wielded by someone. (unless you think a gun is just going to fire itself) they are most commonly used by the military, police, and criminals. a gun is a threatening weapon, able to fire a sharp, lead projectile at someone far away from the shooter at high enough speeds to penetrate and possibly exit the body. also used for hunting so that someone can have food, or a trophy. guns can come in any shape, type, function, etc. can be made from many different materials.
The military, the police, criminals, hunters, and militia all use guns.

A gun will only take innocent lives when in the wrong hands.
by A-person_yay March 27, 2014
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1. a happy mood
2. a derogatory term for a homosexual man or woman, but can have a positive or neutral connotation when used correctly
3. an insult used to describe something that is bad, crappy, or stupid. used by the insecure, homophobic teenagers (around the 13-16 age range) to accentuate the point that they are not gay. not all teenagers use this, though. some of them develop souls earlier than others.
1. Why, Jimmy seems positively gay
2. John doesn't flirt with girls because he's gay. but there's nothing wrong with that
3. my parents grounded me for cutting class. they're so gay.
by A-person_yay February 4, 2014
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