A hillarious movie about these two hot black CIA agents (male) that have to watch over these two white girls that are extremely rich and party a lot. They get in a car accident and refuse to appear in public, so the guys have to get extreme makovers and act like them and trick all their friends. An awesome movie with great quotes.
"I'm gunna have a BF."
"A BF?"
"A bitch-fit!!!!"
by Frank1000 July 28, 2005
A disease in which the human female is turned into a basic white girl who enjoys dunkin doughnuts
Amy has white chickness therefore no one wants to be near her
by WhiteExpert795 October 9, 2018
Caucasian chicks, they go crazy when ur fuckin them 4 a long time (endurance!!!!!)
i was fuckin jackie B. {the white chick}and she went fuckin crazy, she started screamin all loud
by carpas13 November 18, 2006
We all love them, then we all hate em. They love you until they find someone better💔💔
YUNA: we're gonna be bffs!
RIRI: Yeah, totes

One year later
Riri : Hey Alyssa, my bff!
Yuna: basic ass white chick
by RATCHETFAMRCDCCSDAM November 26, 2016
Male men who decide to turn white and talk about momma.
Look at those White Chicks over there thinking they are hot talking about my momma.
by BrittneyNicole September 23, 2007
A chick who is not smart and thinks they are black.
When a white chick tells you to say something in english, so you do and she says that is still not english
by Caitlyn Tiffany Guthrie December 21, 2016
Stickers on Hydro Flask, scrunchies in hair, Starbucks in hand.
Lyla is a basic White chick all she does is spam her Instagram story saying how “amazing” her year was.
by BlobfishRIP May 10, 2019