Unclean ass sex. When having anal sex and you pull out , you have a piece of corn on your dick.
I was getting my girl in the backdoor and she gave me an ethanol.
by Woodbilly June 19, 2009
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Very sensual and/or potent marijuana.

Synonyms include: Gas, Dank Shit
Foster - How much for the weed?
Davis - $50 bro, that shit is straight ethanol
Foster - Aight bet
by A-A Team November 15, 2016
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The kind of alcohol that you drink.
You cannot buy pure ethanol, but Everclear comes close.
by HeavyD2 March 28, 2009
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The belief that anything can be solved with a drink.
I was a fugitive for 5 years in the Saharan desert and I was saved by the moisture god himself. The good people at the Ethanolist Church inspired me to join Ethanolism. I am currently an owner of a multi-million dollar corporation of bottled ethanol.
by TheEthanolistChurch March 12, 2021
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any especially green person, determined to save the world, who impresses their beliefs upon others, especially with violence
Sally became such an ethanolic after watching an Inconvienient Truth; she hit me when I didn't recycle a bottle!
by Michael Marx November 19, 2007
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the next big scam being cooked up by the oil and gas industries. because it's a biofuel it requires huge amounts of farmland to produce a small amount of fuel, which means it will continue to rape the earth while raising the price of food, making the problem of world hunger and climate change unimaginably worse.
instead of killing people for oil we'll now be starving them to death if we switch to ethanol.
by terra_x May 19, 2007
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Apparently most big oil and car companies think that it is perfectly moral to use up the earths shrinking farmland to turn corn into gas to drive their big ass Hummers, SUVs and to fuel their smart bombs to vaporize people in the middle east. While that same farmland can be used to feed some of the 1.2 billion people living in absolute poverty.
socially conscious american-" ethanol cured my uncle's prostate cancer and won the war on terror"
by mAgik bUS September 16, 2006
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