a horrible disease that kills many wonderful people. <3
Person A-you were diagnosed with prostate cancer?
Person B- yep
Person A-I'm so sorry
by ominominai February 10, 2010
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an excuse gay doctors use to get there hands where they are not sopused to be.
bottom line -it does not exist-
doctor1:ok lets take a look at your prostate cancer
guy2:ok *unsure face
doctor1:oooo yea
guy2:what the fuck are you doing?*disgusted face
doctor1:uhh..ummm*knocks the guy out
guy2:*knocked out
guy2:*gets up with a limp
by king if wat the fucc? December 18, 2007
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used in response to a amazing event based off the saying "holy shit batman" to indicate ones excitement for a particular action the other person has either shown them or surprised them with unexpectantly.
Barry: have a look at this amazing ingenuity of man kind its pristine beauty is amplified by the brilliant textures that just perplex any and all who see this.
Lucy: holy prostate cancer Superman!
Barry: yes.
by weedhead11111111111111111 March 14, 2018
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