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Something you can actually give to your OWN definition on Urban Dictionary!! I tried it.
My positive definition of George W. Bush isn't going so well. It has 300 thumbs down and only one thumb up, and that was mine.
by HeavyD2 December 30, 2008

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The kind of alcohol that you drink.
You cannot buy pure ethanol, but Everclear comes close.
by HeavyD2 March 27, 2009

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This is when many identical glasses are lined up, all but one at the end filled with Red Bull, shot glasses placed on the rims to straddle each gap between glasses and filled with Jägermeister, then the shot glass at the end is tipped over. If done correctly, all the shot glasses will fall in a domino rally and create many Jäger bombs in rapid succession.
Fifteen people in a row at the bar all ordered Jäger bombs, so the bartender set up a Jäger train to serve them all.
by HeavyD2 April 17, 2009

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A freestyle move in DDR where you face the bar, grip it with both hands and walk up the screen. This is frowned upon as it can damage the machine.
I just matrix walked and broke the screen, and got kicked out of the arcade.
by HeavyD2 December 31, 2008

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Someone who will believe ANYTHING they read on Wikipedia, never considering the fact that ANYONE can edit it and articles can be sabotaged or based on false information.
Creating your own Wikipedia entry is an effective tool for political debate online, as there are plenty of Wikipidiots out there who will believe anything they read on there.
by HeavyD2 October 21, 2008

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Indicates a late "Great" step rating in the game of In The Groove. To get to Excellent or Fantastic, the player should step a bit faster.
I got a few great- in this song, but luckily stepped a bit faster to correct it and got a star!
by HeavyD2 August 17, 2008

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A rule that Texas Hold'em players use stating that on the flop, a player's chances of making a hand are approximately 4% times the number of cards in the deck (outs) that would make the hand.
I have J-10 and the flop is Q-9-5, giving me an open-ended straight draw. With four eights and four kings in the deck that can make my hand, the Rule of Four states that my chances of getting the straight are 32%.
by HeavyD2 October 25, 2008

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