Professional porn. Sex that is considered to be so great, that it should be made into adult entertainment. See that is freakayyyyy
OMG we had freaky ass sex last night and it was AMAZING!!!!
by Giggles01 May 30, 2015
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Main Entry: ass-sex-junk·ie

Pronunciation: 'as-'seks-'j&ng-kE

Function: noun

Date: 21st century

: a) a person who derives inordinate pleasure from or who is dependent on ass-sex. b) an individual addicted to giving or receiving anal sex. c) one who likes hot-hot-poll in their tight-tight-hole, especially the rectum. d) as if they were a narcotics addict, only their drug of choice is the sweet, sweet Hershey highway.
She's not a butt-slut, she's just an ass-sex-junkie and likes anal pleasure.
by Gecko Venom December 31, 2003
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To have sex in the anus in a barbaric manor.
Barbian ass sex is awesome.

Any body want some barbarian ass sex.

Man barbarian ass sex looses me up and gets me in the mood.
by fatcat346 October 03, 2002
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When you stick only the head of your penis in so you dont rip their asshole
Dude i had half-ass sex with a 17 year old girl......and it was in the shower
by FEU November 25, 2007
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When you do enough cocaine and MDNA to have ass sex 4 times, and get pink eye, but still hire a babysitter to go out for more. Typical good old fashion Holiday Bender behavior.
I want to blow bbg and do blow after our super charged ass sex marathon but tomorrow I need to get more pink eye medicine.
by NugsDotCom December 06, 2017
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