Eric is the Norse god of male fertility and lost socks, a disorganized but unstoppable force of the universe, related to modern concepts of entropy. Eric is a key figure in Norse mythology.

It is written that when Thor went off to fight the battle of Jötnar, though some accounts claim it happened when he was just out tending goats, Eric came by to install high speed Internet. Sif, Thor’s wife, instantly lost control of herself in the presence of such virility and disorganization, and let down her golden hair, and everything else. Their illegitimate child was the god Ullr.

Thor returned to find a strange sock under the bed and stormed out into the cold winter snow with his hammer and a great, secret purpose never revealed to mortal man.

Unfortunately, the legend of Eric was lost, along with his other sock, in a server failure in 2007, and all that remains are the living Erics who walk the world like gods of male fertility, never quite sure where their other sock is.
Girlfriend, the last thing you need in your life now is a surfer or an Eric!

The girls warned each other, as soon as he walked into the bar, that he was an Eric, but they could not resist
by Kulokoo February 3, 2015
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Eric is bae and is forever bae😍 he is the most perfect person you will ever meet love him with all your heart he is very loyal and can be trusted there is not a day that I wouldn’t want to spend with him
Eric is a very loyal and cute af.😍
by Eric’s Babygirl August 10, 2018
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A dorky guy that gets hot girls to go out with him.
Guy 1: Man, how did he get her? She's so hot and he's such a dork!
Guy 2: It's because he's an Eric.
by thepseudonyms August 13, 2011
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Eric has a large penis and gets all the girls he wants and flexes on all poor ass hoes with fire crocks.
Eric is a brave boy (never a pussy) and never gives up on his useless dreams.
Ur Eric today?????
by fatdumpling March 31, 2019
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A gay ass mother fucker that chases you around the house with his pants down.

Other than that he's a sneaker head and pretty funny
Dude 1-Yo he needs to stop trading those shoes, he's suck an Eric.
by Dickwad5000 October 1, 2017
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He is the type of guy a girl would want to have as a best friend. He is caring, lovable, charming, a baller, attractive, tall, and overall perfect. He will always be by your side no matter what. he is the guy that would cheer you up on a bad day, and make you laugh so hard you cry <3 He is amazing. I love you!
me: Eric are you my bff?
eric: No, i am ur best friend for eternity :)
by your Elf May 12, 2011
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