a girl with a beautiful body, brains, and is overall kind and pleasant.
man that girl has the complete package!
by Zaku-Zaku August 15, 2015
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1. A literal reference to a packaged good that has all of its parts, all the necessary criteria fulfilled, etc.

2. As slang, a reference to a woman or man who has all the traits that one would desire in a romantic or sexual partner.

3. Less frequently, a reference to a product, like a car, computer program, or almost any other product that has all the desired traits of that given product.

Frequently used as "the complete package".
1. This kit is not lacking any parts, it's the complete package. The package you are purchasing today is complete.

2. Sarah is the complete package; she's intelligent, with a beautiful face, sexy body, and a great personality.

3. Michael's new Mercedes is endowed with a powerful engine, a high crash-test rating, amazing handling, and a luxurious interior. His car is the complete package.
by nom de plume1 July 13, 2009
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