A epic Minecraft gamer that is also a commentary channel his channel mainly blew up when he posted The dark side of Pokimane which is now private rip, also I love his how is Twitter free series
Me-“Do you know Fainted” Random person-“ohh you mean our lord and savior
by DrDepression August 31, 2019
When something’s so shocking you faint.

Accompanied by a lean back to imply you are falling.

See wig
Trevor: did you hear max is actually 40

Mike: Omg that’s crazyfaint

*leans back*
by Idekwydttm March 13, 2019
Fainting also known as syncope is a sudden loss of consciousness. A person who faints is usually only unconscious for a few seconds if they do not ( don't ) wake up in more than a few seconds call 911 ( nine nine one ) , because something serious may be going on , or they are not breathing. Most times when someone faints they are scared 😨. This is called vasvougal syncope ( I think ).
Makoto Naegi fainted when he saw Maizono Sayaka's dead body.
by Hajime Hinata 6715 June 9, 2019
Best thing to come out of Nebraska since Kool-Aid.
The Conductor and Southern bells all the way baby!

The Faint
by addyAddict April 14, 2009
His voice is so faint.
by 25IMF October 18, 2019
To fall down in an undignified way, especially if done slowly.
"Look at Ed, he's going to faint.

He's going.....

He's going.....

He's going.....

He's down!"
by Ed Saunt (The Faint) February 16, 2006