is a sweet, kind lovely man. who can always make you smile. he always finds time in his day to talk to you. he makes you feel special. he may flirt with other girls, but he always lets you know he has you on his mind, and your the only girl for him. He will treat you like your a queen. he comes us with funny and sweet nicknames, even though sometimes there corny. You will fall in love with him, very soon after meeting him. He has many friends who you get along with, and he gets along with your friends amazingly well. He will always help you when something is wrong, he will talk to you when you just want someone to talk to. He will always put you first. he always tells you when hes busy, and cant talk very much. He always tells you he loves you. he can always make you smile. He never gets mad at you. He can make anything in to a joke. He is the bestest person in the world. and Hes yours, if you can find him.
Person A:I'm dating Eric(:
Person B:omg! really your so lucky. he's so sweet, and handsome. I wish i were you.
Person A: i know. He can always make me smile, hes so understanding. and don't worry someday you will find your Eric(:
by Person A&person B June 22, 2011
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Eric is sweet, funny, considerate, caring and supportive. He's charming, handsome, intelligent, strong, romantic, funny...everything you want in a guy. He is a one of a kind, and perfect for that one lucky girl. He helps her with anything, and can always make her happy. He makes her believe in herself when no one else can. He has the sexiest singing voice ever!!! He is every girl's ideal guy. That one lucky girl will be the most happiest person on earth. <3
"Hey did you see that guy?"
"Whats his name??"
"Eric, and he's mine so back off!"
by gleek254 January 17, 2012
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an eric is a gorgeous guy. they're funny, sweet, caring, and loving (though they like to pretend otherwise). erics can be shy, but with playful flirtation a woman may draw an eric out of his shell. erics, sometimes, but don't always, have long hair, these are the best erics of all. erics are generally well hung men. women love themselves some eric. bitches be all about the E.
"yo dude! all the chicks be mackin' on that new guy!"
"the one with the long hair?"
"yea man! pssh guy must be an eric"
"yup, bitches be all about that E"
by white chocolate easter bunny December 23, 2012
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When spoken by a heavily-accented asian Person, the sound of the name Alex or Eric.
Friend: Erics, can you help me?

Alex: Sure, what's up?

Friend: No! Erics!

Eric: What can I help you with?
by ex-ndma-er January 23, 2008
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Eric is a very large hearted man. He enjoys to make you smile and compliment you. Sometimes short tempered but have an amazing smile and gorgeous eyes. Eric actually dont cheat, they are loyal and will do anything to make you theirs.
Girl 1: OMG, you are so lucky to have Eric
Girl 2: I know right
by taylahburrymary May 20, 2015
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A shy guy at first, but the sweetest, cutest guy you will ever meet. He’s usually tiny and has a baby face, clueless personality, and really cares. He might be very super duper Uber busy, but he wants to make time for you. You are so lucky to have an Eric in your life. He’s so talented, smart, funny, and you can’t think of any words to describe him. You usually have a crush on him, and hope he’s your first kiss. He’s athletic and huggable at the same time.
Wow, Is that an angel?
No, it’s just Eric

It doesn’t look like Eric can’t do anything

You’re so lucky to be Eric’s friend
by Clueless Camel April 02, 2018
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1. To trounce your opponents mercilessly.

2. To belittle someone's obvious flaws.

3. To destroy your enemies in the manner of Charles "The Hammer" Martel, who decimated his enemies so completely and utterly that it took years for the word of the defeat to make it back to the enemy capital.
Cocksure Betsy was Ericed in the sauerbraten cook-off.
by Fingenurgen October 14, 2014
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