An ethereal consciousness, whose capabilities are candidly immeasurable. He exists in perfect consonance with the universe. The supreme papi of all and every.
Eric is so hot. Oh my god.
by A doll fhootler June 16, 2019
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He's the kind of guy that tries his best at things, sarcastic, absent-minded, and dense. Kind to everybody even people who probably don't deserve it. His wonderful eyes are very beautiful. A light hazel and very tall, a gentle giant and a troll at the same time. He jokes at inappropriate times, says the wrong things to people, but is always honest to people. No matter the situation, would rather be brutally honest then lie. A nerd, who spends his time playing Bioshock, and Resident Evil. Resembles a twig, but is a food-addict. The kind of guy you would want to be best friends with. Dense with feelings although, will not understand things unless properly explained. Stupid in common sense ways, a genius in book smarts. Too innocent to make moves on girls while also being a pervert at the same time. He's the most confusing, infuriating being anybody has ever met. But that's what we love about him.
Eric is soooooo sarcastic.

Why can't Eric ever gain any weight? He's a twig!

Sometimes, he's just so dense to feelings.
by TheGirlWhoWrites February 18, 2013
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A boy who is kind and sweet. He will put you first and always make you happy, charming, handsome, cute, has a great sense of humor, and will love you for eternity. He will make you feel beautiful, he will kiss and comfort you when your sad.
Person 1: Your boyfriend seems really nice and sweet
Person 2: Yes he is! He's the best!
Person 1: I wish my boyfriend was like yours.

Just find an "Eric"
by Finn the Waffle Man. May 4, 2013
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Eric never gets carded ... or so he says.
by Yourbro111 December 4, 2016
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Eric is a very large hearted man. He enjoys to make you smile and compliment you. Sometimes short tempered but have an amazing smile and gorgeous eyes. Eric actually dont cheat, they are loyal and will do anything to make you theirs.
Girl 1: OMG, you are so lucky to have Eric
Girl 2: I know right
by taylahburrymary May 20, 2015
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Eric is a pastor who believes in #godsplan. He’s constantly singing and it often causes serious hearing problems to those within earshot.
Cover you ears here comes pastor Eric again.
by Pussycat😋 March 26, 2019
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A shy guy at first, but the sweetest, cutest guy you will ever meet. He’s usually tiny and has a baby face, clueless personality, and really cares. He might be very super duper Uber busy, but he wants to make time for you. You are so lucky to have an Eric in your life. He’s so talented, smart, funny, and you can’t think of any words to describe him. You usually have a crush on him, and hope he’s your first kiss. He’s athletic and huggable at the same time.
Wow, Is that an angel?
No, it’s just Eric

It doesn’t look like Eric can’t do anything

You’re so lucky to be Eric’s friend
by Clueless Camel April 3, 2018
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