A person who is fun, caring and exciting to be with.Usually has a pleasing personality and makes people feel comfortable around them!
Wow my friend is the best person ever she's so positive,kind and helps people whenever she can I just love her!
by Navie28 February 2, 2020
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Alicia also known as "Dot" or "Ali Dot" is the co-creator, owner and partner of Man and Man inc. is the best person ever.
I do not need to give an example...everyone just knows...she is the best person ever...its something we do not need to be told we are just aware of it..such as water is for drinking and air is for breathing..no one tells you this...you just know.
by Liloooo August 14, 2010
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trin best person ever

trin is one of the prettiest ppl ive ever seen, she's so cute. Aaron you're one lucky man. She's also MY (ash) wife and Muf's! Trin is also AMAZING at valorant!! Her dog Boba is also rlly cute so shoutout to Boba <33 ILYSM TRIN :))
Trintrin (aka best person ever)

Trinity is better than you (real)!

-trin : means that trinity is amazing-
by ilovesoobin October 1, 2021
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