A company that's originally privately-owned "goes public" when it lists itself on a stock market and sells its shares to the public. It then becomes "publicly-owned", as the true owners of the company are not its directors or executives but its shareholders.
Upon hearing that the company was going public, the investors started speculating how the decision would impact the company's performance.
by Quint Sakugarne March 21, 2007
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Going Public refers to an online secret relationship in a social network system (like facebook) between 2 people that is kept in a chat box so their friends are not aware that they are involved with each other. Thay appear as casual friends to the community; Until 1 or both change their relationship status and announce it to the facebook community.
Joan: "did you see, bill and kelly are going public"

Connie: "yes, Bill changed his relationship status on the home page. "
by Tonka's Plaything June 13, 2012
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(imperative)any number of lewd or obscene acts such as masturbation, exhibitionism or sexual activties performed in public spaces, such as parks, grocery stores, libraries, etc.
e.g., Damn, John, you hung like a motherfucker, you should go public with that shit.
(past) John was arrested for jerking off in the bus stop. He went public with it.
by Roland_07 August 21, 2007
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= IPO (initial public offering); It takes place when a private company raises capital by introducing its shares on the stock market and becomes public limited company (plc). Before a private company can go public, it must comply with the requirements of the regulators of the stock exchange (Securities Exchange Commission in the US) and file an application giving full details of its accounts. Most companies prefer to use the services of an investment bank to manage or underwrite the offering.
The market looks good, so I think we should go public.

I'm sure our company will have gone public by the end of the year.
by Kornel May 17, 2008
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going boston public is the act of absoultly destroying someone in a fight, like the person who got beat up is seriously been mashed up.

this comes from the movie i,robot where the principal from boston public and takes out the his shot gun and blows the shit outta a robot thats heading for him.
yo that nigga went boston public on that white boys ass
by mikeike January 7, 2005
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