A suggestion or reply to anything, usually insults...
You are a lard!!!

Eat pie!!!
by Triple J April 7, 2005
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the best thing u can possibly do in this world
"man that was so cool it was like eating pie "
by jory zimmerman October 24, 2008
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eat a pie or eap is something you say to someone when you don't want to cuss or say, go f*uck yourself.
Joe: Hey I heard that girl Brittany broke a bottle of beer last night on your head! Now I know why you get no girls, cuz your too damn stupid! Bro, I got soooooo many girls!
Jack: Go eat a pie!
Joe: okay...
by Gisele LaFrance November 8, 2016
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An expression that means the same as "it doesn't matter" or "it makes no difference." Symbolizing little change. You bake a pie, you eat a pie, you have no pie.
Dan, "Hey, didn't you just get gas yesterday?"

Jay, "What are you going to do? Bake a pie, eat a pie."
by Squirrely June 17, 2006
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Something to say when you ain't tryna do shit with them.
Dan: Ayo Tristan, you trying to got to a movie
Tristan: I don't even eat pie cuz *Walks away*
by ThatGuyHit February 10, 2021
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to apologize for and face humiliation for a serious error
It was the governments turn to eat humble pie.
by The Return of Light Joker December 30, 2009
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When the father of the house demands you eat your meat and potato pie or you’ll get the iron belt.
Isaac eat your pie unless you want a taste of this iron belt.
by XaviahDaniel June 21, 2019
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