Calling someone a pie is another way of calling someone an idiot. When they've done something stupid, or annoying.
Pete just spilled his juice, what a pie.
by yaldy February 16, 2012
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Ignoring someone/ not replying back
Oi Eric stop pieing that girl that's trying to speak to you
by Lisa073627 February 27, 2017
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The art of whining, complaining, and bitching while completely annoying you (or others) at the same time.
Why the heck does Shawn have to pie-pie like that when him and his woman get in a fight??

All day Kayla was a big pie-pie when she didn't get her way at work.

by Bella Von Betch March 13, 2009
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Another word for being soft or pussy. Used in Florida, and some parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.
You pie my nigga.
by woodville8468 April 20, 2009
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1. A food item consisting of a fruit buried under a crust and baked in an oven. Served in slices. Very popular at parties.

2. A word that can be used to answer any question known to man, and can be an excuse if you do not know the answer to the question.

3. A random word to shout for no particular reason at all. Great in moments of silence.
1. Mary baked me a cherry pie. How sweet.

2. What's the answer to number 1?
uhh . . . pie?

3. PIE!!!
by NessTheHero March 28, 2004
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Pieing is UK chav slang to "ignore someone". This is the British equivalent of airing someone.
John keeps leaving me on read.
Tell him to stop pieing you
by Java-man50050 October 18, 2020
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A key of cocaine.
Check it, My weed smoke is my lye,
A key of coke is a *pie*
by H1dd3n_Identity June 3, 2020
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