31 definitions by Triple J

1. A cough and a sneeze at the same time...

2. Original name for a Wysiwyg untill they descovered its powers of deseption and imagary
1. Wait...wait...GUHUFWYG!!!*choke* *sniff*
by Triple J April 06, 2005
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A sound usually made by someone being strangled half way through a sentance.
...And then he said he was HWECHK!!!
by Triple J April 28, 2005
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1. A polite way of describing midgets.

2. Used while patting someone shorter than you on the head to guaratee loathing.
1. AAAH!! Look at all the ickle people.
by Triple J April 26, 2005
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Anyone shorter than you.
...He has brown hair... He's three foot tall, so hes an ickle person... And his eyes are green...ect.
by Triple J April 26, 2005
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IKEA, the best furniture super store ever invented, for people who love to sit in the rafters or furinture of IKEA and watch...
Emotional breakdowns
Serious furniture related injurys
Midlife crisis'
Accidental misplacement of wooden prosthetic legs (most likeley sold)
Misplacement of kids
Marriages (thats how lost you can get)
Temper tantrums
Temper tantrums from kids
And stupidity all unfold
Any one of these things could happen to you so remeber, theres always someone watching, pointing and laughing
by Triple J May 01, 2005
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A bum call is caused by accidentally sitting on your mobile phone without realising it. it takes beteween 5 to 30 minutes to hear that your Buttoks have somehow pressed exactly the right combination of buttons to get onto the phonebook setting and call a friend who you've never actually called before.
*Rustle rustle*
*Rustle shift rustle*
"Crap another bum call"
*Fart muffled voice rustle*
"HELLO!... retard"
by Triple J September 24, 2005
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Practicly dead with minimal movement or response. Only signs of life are moaning, grunting, breathing or farting
Dereks been acting corpsish since this morning I think hes on drugs or dead.
by Triple J October 02, 2005
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