Kind, Hardheaded, a bit on the pale side, Tristan is a good friend and will keep you out of a pickle. He knows when to crack a joke and when to be serious. He sometimes can be shy and quiet, but once you get to know him, he can be a pretty colorful personality. Tristan makes a great friend, if he knows you're upset, he'll try and cheer you up. He sometimes beats himself up, but it eventually goes away and he'll be his happy go lucky self again. Tristan seeks romance to feel whole sometimes, and can sometimes be the hopeless romantic. But deep down, Tristan is the perfect guy for you.
Girl: "I met the new guy, he's pretty quiet.."
Boy: "Tristan? He'll loosen up a bit once he knows you. He's actually pretty awesome."
by Kingshigglez April 8, 2018
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by Hdzghgcg October 25, 2020
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Amazing guy who will keep you laughing no matter what. He seems shy at first, but when you get to really know him, he's really cool. He tends to bring himself down often, so you should be there to help him out and make him feel better. He may argue, but he'll usually just make a joke out of the arguement, or will apologize.
Girl1: "Have you met Tristan?"
Girl2: "Ya, he's cool."
Girl3: "You kidding? He's amazing!"
Girl1: "My thoughts exactly."
by Pimp My Heart September 6, 2009
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Tristan is the most amazing-est guy there ever is. His beautiful amazing eyes, his laugh, his jokes, his perfume, his personality, his everything. Tristan is a guy who would crack the awkward moments, be the most joyful person to be around, laugh at everything and anything, his silly but adorable jokes. Everyone loves Tristan. The special girl in his life (random name: Dawn) feels to be the most luckiest, happiest girl alive Bible. Tristan makes her feel endlessly loved, endlessly cared about, endlessly a lot of things. He's her world, he's her life, he's her future husband, he's her Squishy (Finding Nemo Jelly Fish), and he's her Silly Billy. Tristan is a very loved person. Dawn loves Tristan.
Boy: Have you met Tristan?

Girl: Yeah of course. Who wouldn't love to meet Tristan? He's such a babe.
by Dashian2013 June 19, 2013
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A boy that acts very very very very very VERY gay but yet is actually straight
Brooke: Who is Tristan?
Ryan: my daddy
by Hayyyyyyyyyyy June 3, 2019
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He's the life of the party and usually always cracking jokes. He'll almost always put a smile on your face, but he also knows when to be serious. He's an intense musician but also sporty and pretty dorky. Tristan's are the right kind of people to have in your life, they'll never get you into trouble. They're also crazy dancers, and serious romantics.
"Did you hear she's going to the dance with Tristan?"
"oh man! That'll be the time of her life!"
by Only specifics January 10, 2012
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Tristan is an amzing guy. He's funny and caring and can always make you smile even when you're down. He gives the best hugs and you always feel energetic when with him. His laugh and his smile are contagious and often times one finds themself lost in his brown eyes. His freckles are constellations and he consists of stardust. If you find a Tristan, chances are that he's probably a weirdo and a big goof, but he's the most amazing person. He cares about the person he loves more than anything, but sometimes he also needs space to be with his large clan of friends. Hurt a Tristan, and his army will attack. His girlfriend tends to be VERY protective of him because he's such a rare and special person. If you are Tristan's girlfriend, don't let him go. Tristan makes the world turn. Tristan practically lives on music. It's in his veins and his heart. He plays guitar and easily gets bored of any new sports. He's very active and adventurous, so be expecting a curveball 24/7. He can't sit still, so movies aren't really his thing, but i'm sure if one cuddled with him then he MIGHT cave in. That was a MIGHT. Tristan is an overall amazing person and a caring boyfriend. He's funny and very loyal. He makes an amzing friend, but if he is your boyfriend, don't let him go.
Girl, Tristan is really cute. Do you think he likes me? I mean, i've liked him for a while.
"Hey. Will you go out with me?"
"Hey Tristan. I didn't think you liked me."
"Well. Yeah. I do."
by Congratulations<3 April 14, 2019
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