Isaac is one of the strongest people you will ever meet. Physically and mentally. One of his biggest strengths and weaknesses is his big heart. Hands down, one of the naturally brightest and most intelligent beings you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. You won't ever hear yourself saying he was wrong, because it's so rare that he is wrong and that is because he chooses his words wisely and only speaks on what he knows to be true, and does not have any problems admitting he doesnt know something. He can light up a room with his laugh, or he can make grown men piss their pants. He is completely oblivious whenever a woman likes him. Hes a guy you can literally tell anything,and you wont feel judged or embarrassed. There's not one person in this world he cant make laugh. Not one. He is also very wise. He's been on top of the world, and to the bottom of the depths of hell. If you ever meet an Isaac, he will be the best friend you've ever had and will be there for life. It takes 10 people to equal what he would be willing to do for you. Dont take his friendship and love for granted,for if you do, you'll regret it for the rest of your life because you'll never have another one like him. We need more people like Isaac in the world,but only there is nobody else like him and being rare makes him that much more desirable!
Guy#1: Man, so what happened last night? You look fucked up!

Guy # 2: You know ISAAC right? Well he beat my ass and then cleaned me up, and sat me down and talked to me like he was my brother.. I actually kind of glad that he did.

Guy #1: You're HAPPY he kicked you ass?! What the fuck?

Guy #2 : Look bro, I fucked up, and have been fucking up. He was right and I took the advice he gave me and now me and my girl are back together and I'm ready to be better.

Guy# 1: wow.. maybe I should call ISAAC and have him kick my ass or somethin
by Poptart01 July 1, 2019
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The word Isaac means laughter which fits perfectly not only cause they have the laugh that makes you smile no matter how hard you try not to smile but also because they are the best at making you laugh. Isaacs have a way of making the hardest of hearts open up and fall so deeply in love with them. They are the best at keeping your heart from feeling the slightest pain infliction. They live to protect the ones they love and they do a damn good job. Their short fuse is only lit when someone is threatening harm on those they care about in this world. They seem to always be in a good mood and don't let people hurt them or change them. Their natural instinct is to shake off everything and stay true to themselves. Isaac's tend to be really easy on the eyes. They tend to have an odd taste for music and clothes but they can pull of anything due to their charming looks, perfect smile, and enchanting eyes. If you know any Isaacs you should do all you can to befriend them cause you will find no one better to care for and protect you.
My heart belongs to and is carefully cared for by Isaac.
by Tj_be_crazy4 July 13, 2018
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John: Remember tha nibba Isaac?
Ian: Now that's a nibba to remember.
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The Isaac I know is very funny, handsome, athletic, sweet, and he will flirt every once and a while. He is one of the best friends you will ever have. He has a pretty long fuse when it comes to anger and rage but when he does get mad, give him space! If you ever get the chance to date one, make sure you stick with him, he will do what he can to entertain you and keep you happy and will protect you. He is not like those other guys that if you cry, he will comfort you and make you feel better! He is the best!
;) I love you Isaac! <3 I will be here for you when you need me!
by CookieNinja232 August 31, 2015
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A guy who likes music and tries his best. He also feels judged by everyone and thinks everyone hates him I guess. Or atleast thats me
Person 1 "hey isaac"
Isaac "hey, wanna hang out"
by imahumanig July 17, 2019
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The best potbelly employee to ever exist. He has mastered all 7 seven forms of sandwich breathing, and even created his own form known as gear 4 potbelly man. The way he throws it back and in that instant makes 10 sandwiches as truly something to behold. He makes you want to go back wanting more.
Isaac is the potbelly GOD
by P. Hestings September 4, 2022
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