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to give someone a blowjob} used mainly in London
guy1: what happened wid tanisha
guy2: she gave me uck fam!
guy1: my man!
by capolavish October 13, 2016
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When you give some one heads(suck their dick)
"I gave uck/ucky last night to my bf"
by bluebarrr March 17, 2015
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When u either blow job a man or finger a lady
Dave - I heard u 2 gave uck to each other last night 😏

Holly - yeh we gonna link again and have round 2
by Starbustt $* May 17, 2016
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Another way of saying Fuck.Used by some parts of northern H town.Originally made up to talk to officials or authority and then the word caught on to be a word.
Wuz up whit it baby u wann uck or what.
by jon_houston_mexican March 28, 2006
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Any substance, person, or thing that is weird and never been seen before. can be gross or dirty or anything similar. can be used as a derogatory term.
John: ewww what the hell is that?
Alex: i'm not sure. looks like some uck.
John: Man thats gross.
Alex:yeah. Nasty!
by thebean16 April 02, 2013
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An Uck is a rare golden clad female with dyed blonde hair that can be found in the nightclub. This towering specimen of empowerment will push everyone out of the way on the way to her goal (usually the bar). An Uck will never make eye contact, only ever looking forward and head tilted slightly up to display her dominance. Being in the vicinity of an Uck may lead to you being elbowed, pushed and abused. Take care in approaching an Uck as she will scoff if you tell her to watch where shes going, usually making the trademark "ugh" or "UCK" noise as a defense mechanism, usually followed by "I have a boyfriend" or another generic dismissal of another human being's regard. In recent years it is not only blonde haired women that have been associated with this, as their extroverted behaviour has lead to many others adopting the identity.
Gerry: Fuck me man, was minding my own business when an Uck pushed me into a group of lads on her way to the bar, nearly got started on !
Adam:Did she even stop to apologise or gently move you out the way?
Gerry: Nawh man she slammed me outta the way!

Adam: What an Uck!
Gerry: She was fit tho, i'd bang her ;) Ucks model fit empowered tall woman high heels pull up bra bitch drunk nightclub crazy rude
by cynicalbastard101 June 07, 2016
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