to give someone a blowjob} used mainly in London
guy1: what happened wid tanisha
guy2: she gave me uck fam!
guy1: my man!
by capolavish January 29, 2016
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When you give some one heads(suck their dick)
"I gave uck/ucky last night to my bf"
by bluebarrr March 17, 2015
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worcester lingo
1. another for hoes
2. another word for tuff
1. person: "yo where the ucks at?"
2. somebody posts an ig pic
comments: "uckkk"
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Another way of saying Fuck.Used by some parts of northern H town.Originally made up to talk to officials or authority and then the word caught on to be a word.
Wuz up whit it baby u wann uck or what.
by jon_houston_mexican March 29, 2006
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a form of currency in the country of Zimbabwe, Africa.
"ooga booga i need an uck."
by Willie Wonkers September 16, 2018
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Uckings is the plural of Uck-(giving head(sucking Dick(The up and down movement of your mouth over a penis which can erect a penis)))
"Yes I give uckings, Where exactly is your bando?"
by RhiannonBrathwaite April 24, 2015
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One of your hoes or girls (Short for uckity’s)
“Yo bro where the ucks at yo?”
“You don’t be getting the ucks for real bro.”
“I got all these ucks on the lineup for us!”
by I do tik tok August 28, 2022
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