When a guy uses his tongue to fuck you silly. It feels amazing. His wet tounge plus your wet pussy equals bliss. I wish my bf was here right now so I can feel his tongue all over my pussy. If the guy knows what he's doing you should be able to have multiple orgasms. I know I do
Guy: Can I eat you out tonight?
Girl: Do you know what your doing down there?
Guy: Of course, I'm a pro
Girl: I dont know...
Morning after:
Girl: I had like 7 orgasms in a row! Thanks baby!
Guy: Told you I knew how to eat out =P
by LadyBre November 14, 2010
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Definition: The art of licking a woman in a way that helps her climax satisfactorily.
How To Eat Her & Help Her Cum: The key is to be attentive to what she wants and to what feels good to her. Do this only if you're sure she wants you to. Start by gently touching her labias with your tongue. It's important for her to realize that you want to pleasure her.
Kiss her labias. Gently. Then, using your thumbs on each side of her labias, draw them apart, and slide your tongue inside, slowly licking her vaginal entrance and the area around it. Then, after a bit, again using your thumbs, draw her labias apart at the top and with your tongue and thumb, move aside her "hood" and look for or feel the round organ that's about the diameter of a pencil eraser. This is her clit. Now use your tongue all around it, on the base, on the sides, with slow licks, fast licks, all over her, PAYING VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO HOW SHE RESPONDS! Take your time. Usually a woman wants to enjoy the PROCESS, in other words, the road to her orgasm. Using her responses as a guide, lick her slowly or faster, with hard pressure or softer, on the "shaft" (the long elongated "vein" that runs from the base of her clit to the tip), and on the sides. Use some imagination -- try long slow licks, or little thumps, or feathering. Again, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT WORKS FOR HER! Don't change position, speed, or type of licking too quickly; wait long enough to let her see if she likes it or not. Ask her to tell you what she wants. When she reaches her climax, you can try to keep your tongue on her, but it may be too intense. Usually she won't want you to move it around at that point. Take your tongue away, but keep it in her vulval area; she may respond to a quick touch with your tongue after her climax abates, and you may be able to help her go off again, and maybe still a third time. Caress her, kiss her, take your time to let her enjoy this enormous pleasure. And remember: you're doing this for HER, not for you! You can start by fingering her, but remember that eating her will probably be much more pleasurable for her, but only if you do it right.
OMG!...Mark came over last night and wanted to eat me! WOW, did he get me off! He sure knows how to eat out!

I had never been eaten out before, but when Carl did it last night, it was incredible. I've never cum like that before.

WOW! Artie ate me, and then I let him fuck me hard. But I just wanted him to eat me out.
by Joe415000 February 22, 2009
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in technical words:cunnilingus. its oral stimmulation of
the vulva.
in other words, licking a girls vagina(clit) in a pleasing way.
by SexyGurrll March 31, 2006
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engage in heaving petty,fondling,etc. then undress her. kiss her all over, rub her breasts, and work down to her pussy. tease her and get her excited by licking and kissing her inside thighs. lick around her pussy, but not on it. then stick your tongue between her pussy lips and gently nudge it open. still gently stick your tongue in her pussy. still massaging her and fondling, find her g-spotand lick it. She will do anything for you when you touch her there ( if not possible, use your fingers). She will be moaning. then pull your tongue out, and using your fingers get her clit wet. then form and o, and start sucking on it. lick while sucking. still keep touching her all over with fingers (can even explore pub area if you like). while sucking her clit, take your fingers and stick them in her pussy. start fingerfucking her. then use your other hand to rub her breasts and butt. then swirl your tongue around her clit and take it off, then stick in in her pussy and pull it in and out really quickly. when she starts bucking, stop her by holding her butt cheeks (you can massage). she will definately hav an orgasm if you do this right.
F: Hey will u give me an eat out?
M: Only if u give me a blowjob
F: Definately! It is 20 times better the way u do it!!

F: OOOOOOHHHH!!! I love youu!!! That feels sooo good!! MOOOANNNNN!!
by iluvjb143 July 31, 2007
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take girl to bed, take off clothes. Gently nuzzle, lick, kiss and squeeze tits. gently rub her butt. travel ur mouth, tongue and hands all over her body, not her pussy yet!! then gently nudge her legs apart, kiss, lick, and feel her inner thighs around and near her pussy. then then place your mouth atop the girls sweet pussy lips and spread them with your tongue. placing your mouth over the opening to her cunt, kiss her like you would on her mouth and gently push your tounge down into her sweet, wet cunt. continue to tounge fuck her until she bucks up towards you from pleasure. gently pull your tongue out and lick around but not on her clit. get your fingers wet from her pussy and gently rub the top of her clit until its erect and hard. slide your tongue over the top of her clit and all around until she moans. make your mouth into the shape of an "O" overtop of her clit and suck on it while fucking her in her cunt with your fingers with one hand and reach up and rub her nipples and tits with the other one until she cums. Then again start licking her clit ..then start sucking her clit ..as she moans and try to pull away .. hold her legs and insert ur tounge into the pussy hole and move it in and out very quickly ..she’ll moan ..and then they just move ur tounge around herr pussy ..personal pleasure of the girl being eaten out ..and also for the guy or girl doing the eating
john gave me the best eat out ever and i gave him the best blowjob.
by *nygurl* September 05, 2006
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when a man or woman licks another's woman's pussy so bad they cant stand it anymore. They open their legs and go for a longg, bumpy, ride....
please enjoy, WHAT I WANT...CALL ME
Ted "open your legs up, i want lunch"
Liz "good i was hoping i was a good restaurant"

"my girlfriends so hott, i ate her out four times last night, that would make...FOUR MEALS"
by eat me out nooooowww December 28, 2004
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Something boys rarely perform to the level of a woman's satisfaction. They often misconstrue the act of just putting their tounge in your clit. Boys should be mindful of that fact that properly eating someone out consists of using thier fingers as well as their tounges, and doing whatever they can to make it feel good. Because if you don't, you plain suck. And she'll dump you. And you get bad referances and you'll never get laid. loser. Boys tend not to enjoy eating out, but they should learn to take it and enjoy it. This should be repeated until the girl orgasms. This, too, is usually not considered fun for boys, but they should learn to take it, and swallow it with relish and joy.
God I really want to be eaten out right now, but I happen to know that that guy really sucks at it.(I made this because I noticed a rather disturbing entry for "blowjob" but then I reminded myself that he probably sucks at eating pussy anyway...)
by Catherineisthecoolestgirlevah February 12, 2005
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