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To give oral sex to a woman, obviously sticking your tongue in and out of her vagina.
Delta wanted a tongue fuck so bad last night.
by Jilina September 27, 2005
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When a male, (or female) stick their tongue inside the female partner's vagina and licks it clean or until she reaches orgasm.
"I got to tongue-fuck my girl"

I had so much fun tongue-fucking my girlfriend last night. she came while my tongue was inside her pussy.
by Morningstar September 25, 2007
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When your having such a good kiss it feels like your tongue Fucking.
I love when he kisses me it's like he's tongue Fucking me.
by to January 22, 2015
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To kiss someone passionately with the your tounge as if you're giving oral to them, as moving tongue really fast in someone else's mouth like a vibrator
I was enjoying tonguefucking you!
by Sexguru30 May 10, 2016
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A food or drink that smells utterly rank but tastes quite good. (Ex: Red Bull) It can also be applied to a food or beverage that smells good but tastes quite bad. (ex: laundry detergent, do not try)
person 1: bro, red bull smells hella grody. how does it taste?

person 2: nah brah, red bull's delish. that shit's a tonguefuck
by hella hyperactive hooligan March 27, 2010
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tongue-fuck means for a guy to fuck a dude's butt-hole with his tongue as deeply as he can - trying to make the guy have a cumgasm - the dude may or may not be jacking off or sucking a dick.
That dude has such a cute boy-hole, why don't you have him suck your dick while I tongue-fuck his asshole until he cums!
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by USAF Cadet March 17, 2021
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