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eating out is when a man, or in some cases a woman, performs oral sex on a woman, by placing his/her tongue/lips on the genitals (vagina, clit, pussy) and licking or nibbling on either. This is the easiest way for most women to experience an orgasm.
My girlfriend was moaning in pleasure as I ate her out. - Past tense.

I can't talk now, I am eating out, and she loves it. - present

I can't wait to eat out my girlfriend, usually a bj or intercourse follow - Future
by Theodor January 28, 2006

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A boobjob is when a woman, most likely with breasts of a considerable size, places the man's penis inbetween her breasts. She will then push them together and move them up and down.

Boobjobs are much more enjoyable when lubricated, they are often finished by the man ejaculating on the woman's breasts, face or warn the woman first so that she may take it in the mouth
Sarah gave me a boobjob yesterday, I then came all over her chest.
by Theodor January 28, 2006

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