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one of the best sex positions of all time; the woman gets on her hands and knees and the man is behind sticking his dick into her pussy. it also gives the guy a great view of her butt. talking from experience, it might be easier for the male to hold onto your hips or breasts as he penetrates. be warned that it can hurt the first time.
man and woman get into doggie style position....
woman: *groans* ah baby i love it when you do that. push harder...
by GLaMGaL0x July 09, 2007

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the girl has her legs open so that the man can touch,lick, finger and pretty much explore her pussy with his tongue. the man should (if hes doing it properly) place his mouth over the opening of her pussy and slowly push his tongue through until she starts to groan with excitement. then lick around and rub hard onto her cilt for errection. keep licking and tonguing her for more sexual pleasure. women especially like it when men make an O shape with the mouth and suck onto her clit whilst fingering her. performing the eating out will definitely impress any woman as it shows you know what youre doing.
liam: yesterday i fucked a girl so hard she couldnt stop groaning for more...
friend: ah man...i wish i was like that
liam: you only have to eat out and they go crazy for more!
by GLaMGaL0x July 09, 2007

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a clean version of oral sex. when the woman strokes and massages the guys dick in an up and down motion causing him to cum. i remember i gave my first ever boy friend a hand job in the woods when we were just 14 and he loved it! it gets a guy horny and is much cleaner than a blow job.
tom: i took sarah out to the cinema the other night. shes such a horny lil thing- we ended up having great sex on the back seat of my mini cooper though- then she gave me a hand job it made me cum like crazy and it squirted all on the windows.
by GLaMGaL0x July 09, 2007

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