licking and eating pussy. can be enjoyable for both cuz that shit tastes good and she loves it. it can be fun to cuz theres all kinds of things u can do. u can fuck her with your tongue, lick her clit, cuck her clit, finger her vagina or anus at the same time, play with her boobs at the same time, u can eat her out while she sucks ur dick. the possibilities are endless. and its something real men do. women love it and if u dont do it u should its one of the great things in life
"i love to eat out pussy"
"i ate my girl out for hours last night"
by Mike Hunt Sr. September 16, 2008
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To eat the pussy like a savage until the woman screams
Jack: I'm gonna go eat out Caitlin Michael: what does that mean
Jack: I'm gonna go eat her pussy
by Random pussy eater June 25, 2017
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sexual- to kiss and lick the woman's vagina.
none sexual- to eat in a place that is not home.
sexual- after she gave him a blow job, he wanted to satisfy her, so he ate-out
none sexual- they were sick of homemade meals so they went to eat out in a fancy restaurant.
by Me=Myself=I December 23, 2020
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both definitions are delicious to humans

1: the food; u go out to a restaurant or yk food place and eat out

2: when the male, or another female licks hard and slobbers all over the other females vagina or pussy. its like eating food but instead of food its a body part. the female thats being eaten out loves it.
1: hey sweetie! "yeah?" u wanna eat out tonight? "i'd love to! i wanna get me some good ass food yo"

2: lesbian version bc there literally never is one, so i think its unfair for them.

marlise flopped onto keira and began taking each others clothes off. they stared at each other in awe. they had big beautiful double d tits. they licked their lips and jumped onto each other hitting each others pussies and breasts together. they fingered, nipped, and bit each other. lastly, keira pulled marlise to the side of the bed, marlise hanging of the bed a tiny bit. keira shoved her mouth into her pussy eating it out. they were both loving it so much, moaning and focusing on each other and only them. they thought no one was home until marlises 16 year old brother busted into the room. they all looked at each other and smirked. her brother joined in. then her mom came in with no caution. and GUESS WHAT SHE ALSO JOINED IN. then her uncle came in. sweet home alabamaaaa!!

okay have fun reading more horny definitions on urban ;)
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by everysinglenameistakenomg October 14, 2019
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1. To go to a restaurant or fast food place and have a meal

2. To perform oral sex on a female
1. I invited my girlfriend to eat out at McDonald's for dinner.

2. Afterwards, she asked me to eat her out, so I did.
by jsmith8800 February 16, 2008
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The guy takes your pants off, starts licking your clitoris with his tongue in circular motions then up and down. Then, you grab his hair and shove his face down to add pressure and tell him to suck really hard. He latches down onto your clit like a suction cup, and flicks the top of your clit with his tongue up and down really fast then swirling his tongue in circles. Then flicking then swirling while sucking your clitoris like a baby bottle nipple. After about 30 minutes to an hour (maybe even 2) of him doing the same things stated above over and over while you're still pushing his face into your pussy you buck your hips up and orgasm. You know when your clit gets bigger and feels like it's going to explode? And then sometimes you squirt out female ejaculation AKA cumming or squirting. Sometimes it's a lot of ejaculate or very little, it depends on how turned on you are. Then your eyes roll into the back of your head your brain temporarily shuts down for maybe 5 to 10 seconds as you are screaming blissful bloody murder shaking and humping the air, you tell the guy to not touch you and to leave you alone so you can lay there and experience your full-body orgasm while your clit twitches every 3 to 5 seconds. Then when your clit stops twitching, you light up a cigarette, enjoy the cigarette, go take a piss and then put your clothes on.
" take your clothes off I'm going to eat out your pussy"
by amylovesyou1992 April 15, 2016
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what every guy should do. what some guys do in hopes of getting a blowjob. i don't know if that works i mean it doesn't work on me. BLOWJOBS SUCK!!! (PLease pardon the pun:)). eat out girls they like it and don't ask for blowjobs most girls don't like it.
eddie: can i eat you out
tina: sure.:)
20 mins later
eddie: you taste good.
tina: thanks
eddie: now go down on me.
tina: WHAT!!! i don't do that sort of thing.
eddie: YOU DON'T!!!
tina: EW! HELL NO!!!
eddie: oh, well can i eat you out again.
tina: i suppose
and they lived happyly ever after. the moral of this story is guys should go down on girls and girls should enjoy the ride. oh, and blowjobs suck(once again pardon the pun). eat out and you'll get laid.
by caligirll_1101 November 21, 2006
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