Put food into your mouth. Then Chew. Then swallow. Then you ate something. Don't Choke!
Wow, How to Eat saved my life. It made me understand how to eat and not die.
by TehWeirdo January 23, 2018
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First, you spread the cheeks.
Then, aim for the hole.
The use that tongue like it's a machine gun nigga
1: "I ate that hoes booty. Tight as fuck mah nigga,"
2: "Lemme show you how to eat the booty, mah nizzle,"
by XaniDefinez October 18, 2017
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Open the ass hole and ferociously bite it and lick it
Tyler at my ass last night and he destroyed my holes. So I asked him how to eat ass.
by Asslicker4002 September 6, 2017
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hmmm geee....first u got to like finger the girl...den u must lick her clit....its all in the licking of the clit
if u don do it right no girl gone go and give u head dummy
by lonely clitoris March 20, 2004
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This is the phrase you say when someone destroys your Big Mac from applebee's and youre just like da fuck nigga?
This is how you eat a Big Mac nigga. What the fuck nigga why you do dat?
by Indian.jpg November 23, 2017
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