Something I wish a guy would do to me.
Girl: Hey babe, you wanna go eat out?
Boy: Sure. Where to?
Girl: The bedroom. ;)
by i_want_yo_body.xxx July 11, 2009
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to lick pussy! i do this often. most men want to but they cant...so they lie. lesbians do this alot.
Doug ate out shannon at lindsay's house at night and made shannon moan really load. she went ohhhh doougggg fuck meeee nowwww. then she was fucked!
by mike August 11, 2003
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When a male and/or female gives another female the act of oral sex. To perform this, the person uses their tongue or fingers to pleasure the females vagina.
Even after dinner, I went to eat out a little more.
by Alan Goslin April 03, 2008
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spread girls legs. lick around her hole, not in it, really gently, then suddenly shove tongue in and tongue fuck her. while doing this, reach up and pinch and rub her nipples til she's moaning. then lick around her clit so she tries to pull away. hold her legs, then lick on her, then suck it, gentle at first then hard to make her moan even louder. repeat until she comes, then clean up her sweet juices.
my best friend Kayla sleeps over all the time and we eat out. mmm mmm good.
by eat me out April 25, 2008
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the girl has her legs open so that the man can touch,lick, finger and pretty much explore her pussy with his tongue. the man should (if hes doing it properly) place his mouth over the opening of her pussy and slowly push his tongue through until she starts to groan with excitement. then lick around and rub hard onto her cilt for errection. keep licking and tonguing her for more sexual pleasure. women especially like it when men make an O shape with the mouth and suck onto her clit whilst fingering her. performing the eating out will definitely impress any woman as it shows you know what youre doing.
liam: yesterday i fucked a girl so hard she couldnt stop groaning for more...
friend: ah man...i wish i was like that
liam: you only have to eat out and they go crazy for more!
by GLaMGaL0x July 09, 2007
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Definition: The art of licking a woman in a way that helps her climax satisfactorily.
How To Eat Her & Help Her Cum: The key is to be attentive to what she wants and to what feels good to her. Do this only if you're sure she wants you to. Start by gently touching her labias with your tongue. It's important for her to realize that you want to pleasure her.
Kiss her labias. Gently. Then, using your thumbs on each side of her labias, draw them apart, and slide your tongue inside, slowly licking her vaginal entrance and the area around it. Then, after a bit, again using your thumbs, draw her labias apart at the top and with your tongue and thumb, move aside her "hood" and look for or feel the round organ that's about the diameter of a pencil eraser. This is her clit. Now use your tongue all around it, on the base, on the sides, with slow licks, fast licks, all over her, PAYING VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO HOW SHE RESPONDS! Take your time. Usually a woman wants to enjoy the PROCESS, in other words, the road to her orgasm. Using her responses as a guide, lick her slowly or faster, with hard pressure or softer, on the "shaft" (the long elongated "vein" that runs from the base of her clit to the tip), and on the sides. Use some imagination -- try long slow licks, or little thumps, or feathering. Again, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT WORKS FOR HER! Don't change position, speed, or type of licking too quickly; wait long enough to let her see if she likes it or not. Ask her to tell you what she wants. When she reaches her climax, you can try to keep your tongue on her, but it may be too intense. Usually she won't want you to move it around at that point. Take your tongue away, but keep it in her vulval area; she may respond to a quick touch with your tongue after her climax abates, and you may be able to help her go off again, and maybe still a third time. Caress her, kiss her, take your time to let her enjoy this enormous pleasure. And remember: you're doing this for HER, not for you! You can start by fingering her, but remember that eating her will probably be much more pleasurable for her, but only if you do it right.
OMG!...Mark came over last night and wanted to eat me! WOW, did he get me off! He sure knows how to eat out!

I had never been eaten out before, but when Carl did it last night, it was incredible. I've never cum like that before.

WOW! Artie ate me, and then I let him fuck me hard. But I just wanted him to eat me out.
by Joe415000 February 22, 2009
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A sexual act in which a person performs oral sex on a female. Can occur as foreplay but also as an act on its own. Is arguably one of the ultimate pleasures for a female (if done correctly).

Boys like to eat out a girl. They like the taste and the scent of a girl's pussy, and the sight of a wet pussy turns them on big time.
Girl One: Last night my bf wanted to eat out my pussy! And fuck, was it good!

Girl Two: Lucky you *wink*

Girl One: Uh-huh! And guess what, he told me he loved it just as much as I did!
by love_da_cake August 22, 2007
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