EA Sports is a gaming company that rips off their costumers. Their games are put together with the speed of lightning but always have bug/glitch issues.

They ignore their fans and will ban your gaming account if you ask why they can't fix their game ect.

2k Sports is their rival and seems to treat their costumers with respect.
"EA Sports is making me pay yearly to play their game online? Man I hate getting ripped off."
by macknjack August 28, 2011
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Terrible videogame company. If they didn't buy out all of their competition, they would of been out of business years ago due to their terrible games and that their alternatives always outdo them. Graphics are decent (just that), but the gameplay is completely broken. It's almost impossible to blow out the CPU because of blatant rubberbanding. I remember when playing NBA Live 05, I was destroying their golden boys the Spurs with the Jazz (who were shitty in that game). But in the 4th quarter, the Spurs were nailing shots even with 3 guys around them, while I missed all my shots (including SLAM DUNKS) even if I was wide open. Tim Duncan gets a basket from half-court with 1 second remaining. How many times do you see that in real life? Simulating games is utterly useless. Everytime I've simulated against the Spurs/Pistons, they always either blow out my team or conveniently outscores my team by 20+ in the 4th quarter.

EA, just because you're monopoly does not mean you're free from criticisms from angry customers such as myself. Until you actually focus on the gameplay (it is a VIDEOGAME after all) instead of graphics (which aren't even that good anyway) we, the customers, will refuse to purchase any of your shitty products (that's the same every year except for roster updates. Why not just give out roster updates via Xbox Live/PlayStation Network for free? Oh yeah, you're greedy monopolists) and buy products from alternative companies such as 2K Interactive who actually care about their customers by FOCUSING ON THE GAMEPLAY. You have to earn our money by putting EFFORT into your games.
Hope that exposes EA Sports.
by david smith, jr. June 18, 2008
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the gayest videogame makers of all time. Not only do they make horrible sports titles they buy out the competition. Wow,money does make the world go around after all. John Madden can suck my balls!
"EA Sports its in the lame"
by Jobie Trice April 1, 2005
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Microsoft version 2.0, only devoted to sports games that aren't as great as their rivals (for which they just bought).
by Vidofnir May 5, 2005
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A company that rips off their customers and charge insane amounts of money for games that are definetly not worth 80 bucks.

$79.99 please!
Welcome to EA Sports! That'll be $79.99 please!
by Complex password July 29, 2018
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