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This occurs in online gaming when latency is relatively high. Players (or yourself) will appear to move in one direction, and then suddenly be teleported back several feet where they once were a few seconds ago.

This can be extremely annoying in twitch-based online games such as first person shooters, as it will hinder one's aiming and shooting. Rubberbanding also plagues MMOs, particularily in extremely filled servers with poor hardware configurations. While it isn't as damaging in an MMO environment, rubberbanding still takes away from the overall gaming experience and if at all possible, should be avoided.
CS-Sniper: WTF!!! server is rubberbanding pPLaYERS I cANT SHOOT SH*T... OMfg I JUST GOt HEADSHOTTED WTF OMG11!!!
by Stephen A. January 02, 2006
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When an internet connection (specifically in online gaming) is lagging to the point that one's character will jump from one place to another, as though it were being snapped around with a rubber band.
Joe: Dude, I think that guy is hacking. He's teleporting!

Adam: Nah, his ping's 834. He's just Rubber Banding.
by Althalin March 26, 2010
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When losing opponents are given an unfair advantage in a video game (most commonly found in racing games)
I can't win any races in Mario Kart because there's so much rubber banding.
by Ian H June 24, 2008
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When a person who generally has attachment issues pulls back from another person either after getting close to them or spending a large amount of time with them. Usually the time spent away from the person must be equal or greater to the time spent with them. The more time/the closer they get, the longer they'll pull away. Generally they will come back after being pulled away (like a rubber band) but will eventually pull back again in the future.
Person 1: Hey have you heard from Rick since y'all went out?
Person 2: No. We had a really good time but he has a habit of rubber banding.
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by sps_strawberry May 16, 2018
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Prior to sexual intercourse, the male ties the contraceptive around his member, instead of fully covering said unit. This creates a "kink in the garden hose," preventing sperm reach the female's egg. It also provides a "ribbed for her pleasure" addition. One really, really big rib.
Keshawn: "Yo dog, did you pound dat last nite?"

DeVante': "Yup."

Keshawn: "You wear yo Jimmy Hat?"

DeVante': "Naw dog. I was rubberbanding that shit."

4 years later, Devante' lived in Detroit and had 137 children. 137 of the dumbest little bastards you had ever seen. Have you seen DeVante'?
by cheeznipplez September 05, 2014
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A type of "Self Harm" where instead of cutting, the person flicks a rubberband on their wrist.
1: "Do you cut?"

2: "No, I do rubber banding."
by unknown_waffle_eater March 06, 2013
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