Acronym for Downloadable Content. Most commonly used when referring to DLC for PC games or current gen consoles (the 360, Wii, and PS3).
BOB: Hey man, when the new Gears of War DLC coming out?
JOE: Good question!
by Brett B. March 26, 2007
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Generally shit thats already on the disk that you paid $60 for on PS3,360,PC only for 60% of the game unlocked And you need to pay an extra $4.99 to unlock shit already on disk

Infinity ward has MW2 with 2 maps from COD4 and 3 maps for $15 dollars
yay for getting nickel and dimed
Capcom is notorious of adding DLC on disk with Street Fighter 4 and the horribly done Versus mode in Resident Evil 5 yay for 2kb unlock codes that cost $5
by iamKitKatBar March 25, 2010
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Downloadable Content
Basically anything you can download, usaully in use for games like Guitar Hero where you can download more songs.
Person 1: Hey, does this game have DLC?
Person 1: Yeah, we can download the new Metallica album, "Death Magnetic".
by L0rdAceX November 5, 2008
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A thing that large game companies make that usually should be a third of the price, for the content they're worth.
Person 1:"OMG, look at that DLC"
Person 2:"Don't buy it its too expensive"
by DownLoode October 2, 2018
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The Designated Load Cleaner. A guy who cleans the cum loads at places like the gym, the pool, or Hooters.
“I just got a job as the DLC at the Hooters down the street
by The Big Hoss Boss July 29, 2022
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Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)-- formed 1985 and dissolved in 2011. Regarded as a Progressive think thank of the Democratic Party but also criticized for corporate affiliations and influence.
The DLC's affiliated think-tank was the Progressive Policy Institute founded in 1982 and is known for its neo-liberal positions on trade and finance.
by WaveRunner March 5, 2015
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DLC Stands for Delicious Last Course.
Many think it mean Downloadable Content but no it means Delicious Last Course
Hey Muggy Stay for the DLC, Oh I’d love to Have the DLC
by Earthytwastaken July 5, 2022
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