A gaming term used to describe someone who is very bad and is a free kill, hence being free.
Oh my, you're so bad; you're free!
by TheLadInABarnySuit January 13, 2021
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A phrase you say when you are in a Fortnite game and fighting someone really bad. "you're so free" means that the person is a free kill
"Player on me, player on me! Never mind, he's dog water at this game. Ha! got'em. You're so free"
by veryuniquename January 8, 2021
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when you're on your cell after 9 or 7 (when its free) and the person you're talking to is wasting your time with their stupidity
Person: Brittany Spears is my role model.
You: You're wasting my free minutes, you know that?
by MissBynn March 2, 2009
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