The adverage life span of a human in years
She is 79 years old. She's is at the near end of her life.
by xXFireWaterXx August 30, 2018
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The sex position of choice is the during the seventies. It is like the popular ’69,’ but a decade later in the disco inferno we call the seventies. Like the sixty-nine, the woman lays on top of the man head-to- toe where both partners can execute oral sex to the others genitals. Make sure the woman is on top so she can use a full head and neck motion to perform her fellatio. The main difference is that the woman, while performing oral sex, sticks her finger up the guy’s ass. This is due to the fact that several years after its heyday, disco and all its leisure suit glory is seen as “kinda gay.” If enacted correctly, both partners will soon be climaxing with full orgasms that coincide to the beat of “That’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it (uh-huh, uh-huh.)”
Dude, she got up to the second knuckle when we 79'd.
by Austin March 26, 2005
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when a girl goes into hyper splits on a guy
we did 79 not 69
by taylor rice January 06, 2009
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Toyota's 70 series single and double cab landcruisers, over priced, under powered V8 and an interior that's stuck in the 1980's.
A blank canvas to throw 50k plus at if you want a half decent 4wd.
There goes Timmy in he's game changing instagram build of a 79 series thinking about poor life choices again.
by Jdub H-bomb February 10, 2021
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It means damn stupid. An amplified variant of on9
Extreme coarse language.
poison male 1: 'hey'
poison male 1: 'my sister used to work as a sales in...'
poison male 2: 'on lun 79'
by ur father August 20, 2007
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