When one person belittles, overshadows, makes one worthless, insults, and/or

patronizes another person, making the latter feel 4 inches tall. The former thinks s/he is better, having more worth than the latter--and let's others around them know it.
"How can Cooper say a thing like that to me?" laments Ainsley.
"Your cousin is such a bitch,"responded Morgan.
"Every time I'm around her, I feel so dwarfed. So worthless."
by Babydoll75 March 7, 2019
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1. A Georgia Tech marching band tradition. It's delicious and different, and you should wear comfortable shoes.
"I'm going dwarfing with the band on Thursday night. It will be delicious and different, and I'll be wearing comfortable shoes."
by GO JACKETS August 19, 2011
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The coolest species ever. They enjoy digging and finding pretty rocks. Unfortunatly they are not very lucky with the laidies must be because of the smell. Like axes and hammers. They could kick your sorry ass!
Jim:That dwarf could ram you with his head and kill you.
Idiot jerk: No he couldn't!
Dwarf: Grrrrrrrrr!
Idiot jerk: ouch you rammed me with your head and killed me!
Dwarf:Bwah ha ha!
by Stan Lightsaber May 15, 2006
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(crude/insulting; used by misogynistic lotharios) acronym for "Divorced Woman Alone and Ready to Fuck"; implies desperation and lack of discrimination
You won't believe how many DWARFs I've bagged at PTA meetings!
by zarathustra53 September 25, 2014
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A person who is small in size due to no fault of his/her own. I've met a few of them. They are nice people. Usually between 2 feet and 4 feet tall.
"I think that the problem may have been that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.That tended to understate the hugeness of the object."
by ashman March 8, 2008
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When you are very short and your are not at average height also known as a midget
Wow! Ethan is a fucking dwarf. Motherfucker is so small. Fucking midget
by Ethan is a dwarf February 22, 2019
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