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Nidhi means treasure in traditional Hindi. It is used to name girls.

A girl who has been named Nidhi is a smart and resourceful one. Truly a treasure trove of knowledge. She usually ends up being talented in music and art and also has a love for novels and classic literature.

Nidhi will be calm and docile most of the time but will have a tendency of being extremely aggressive towards any who dare oppose her. Her stubbornness could be considered a force of nature itself.

Kind hearted and fiercely loyal to the ones she loves, she will do everything in her power to keep them happy. Nidhi will never waver from her ideals and will consider always consider the good of others before her own.

True to her namesake, she will be a treasure house of wisdom, power, compassion, love and wealth.

Another interesting thing about NIDHI Is that her name is an anagram . Flip the words around and it spells HINDI.
I need Nidhi to help me out of this situation.
by SpicaSinistra January 24, 2015
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the epitome of glamour; a true rare TREASURE to the world; symbolizing perfection
by gyrl March 20, 2004
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Nidhi means a cool, funny, loving gal. She is very feisty and kind. Watch out for any Nidhis coming your way.
If your at a party, a Nidhi person is the one you will have the most fun with.
by Da Gal December 03, 2006
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In Indian mythodolgy Nidhi means Treasure!! and is usually a name of a girl.

This word is also used in Indian prayers (hanuman chalisa)
Teacher: Do u know what is the meaning of your name nidhi!!
Student: it mena khazana, meaning treasure!!
Teacher: Right!!
by naina May 05, 2005
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Sensuality defined explicitly.

Also, bah sounds at random times make a nidhi.
- Oh, but scientists dont know aesthetics. That piece of art is so nidhi!

- He sulks so much. I bet he does a nidhi all the time.
by fundooz June 08, 2006
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