when there is two decisions and you pick the second one.
Waitress: Would you like small or medium?

Little Billy: The latter please. (medium)
by ashley nicole dox February 18, 2014
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The second option of the two, but when stated sounds like a third option.
Steve: We can either use a boom lift or scissor lift to get up to there.

Chuck Norris: I prefer the latter.
by Life lemons December 13, 2018
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The latter commonly used in English Literature , when used in a sentence means, the 2nd of the two words.
I could either go and read a book or fap. The latter sounds more appealing.
by FiendishFish August 5, 2007
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Short for 'later all'
Check you Latteral, Yeah?
by Stevan Jackiw February 21, 2006
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An individual (usually geeky) who is academically gifted and enjoy sharing his knowledge with others. His effortless
Paul helped me with my homework last night, he's such a Latter!
by TheRealPJG May 29, 2011
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Used in 16th and 17th english literature to say the subject. The newer version of latter is the word it. A lesser known pronoun used for anything.
My cat is sick. The latter doesn't seem to be getting better.
by Zickddot December 22, 2006
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