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1. A Georgia Tech marching band tradition. It's delicious and different, and you should wear comfortable shoes.
"I'm going dwarfing with the band on Thursday night. It will be delicious and different, and I'll be wearing comfortable shoes."
by GO JACKETS August 19, 2011
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When two dwarfs, or one dwarf and another are fucking. Often is referenced when a man talks to his buds about might prostitution rings that he has visited.
a. Hey how was your night?
b. My night was great! I went dwarfing last night!
a. Really! i have always wanted to try that!
by PKPLR January 18, 2015
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To visit an original Chik-fil-A (the Dwarf House, GA) in an effort to consume classic food ranging from Hot Browns to Waffle Fries. Preferably takes place between midnight and dawn; one must enter through the "Dwarf" door in order to complete the action.
Last night under the cover of dark, my brothers and I went dwarfing to eat $7 worth of chicken fat, grease, and biscuits. It was orgasmic.
by T.K. Sleeves September 11, 2009
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When a male or female sets a sexual goal to have intercourse with seven men/women wearing the same "Snow White" Halloween costume, while dressing themselves as one of the Seven Dwarves for each subsequent encounter.
My friend Adam has been Dwarfing lately, he actually got #7 last night, and did her as Dopey.
by Paulie S. February 02, 2009
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