Any refrence to a gun
Homeboi just copped dem new hammers

i clap da hammers
by raymond April 17, 2004
"Throwing down hammers" is when you land wicked tricks.
bob:who were you skating with?
tim:rob, man he was throwing down some hammers on the handrail.
by frone December 24, 2005
1. supporters of West Ham United Football Club
2. plural of hammer
3. there is no three
1. "up the hammers""alan partridge's claret & blue army"
2. "have you got fork handles?""yes""OK i'll take the candles and four hammers"
by theWestHamfan November 30, 2003
1. A word used when someone is either totally ripping it, or totally sucking that day at skateboarding.
2. Landing A bad ass or really hard trick.
1. Billy- So how'd skatin the white ledges go last night? Job- hammers man... hammers...
2. Ya dude, that switch front blunt you did was major hammers.
by job - its me baggins!!! May 18, 2003
The state in which one finds themselves after ingesting large volumes of alcoholic beverages.

Symptoms include: babbling, hysterical laughter, name calling, aggressiveness, destructiveness, momentary lapses of consciousness, stumbling, vomiting, yelling, incoherent singing, falling, profanity, overeating, extreme urination, indiscriminate flirtation, bad judgment, disregard for the value of money or a propensity for excessive spending and, of course, more drinking.
After watching Frank chug his eighth glass of scotch, I walked out onto the deck and saw him pissing on my grille and cussing out my parents. He was fucking hammered.
by cabflow June 10, 2011
(adj.) Heavily inebriated, though to a lesser extent than shitfaced.
Man, I'm gonna go out and get hammered tonight,
by Erik Randolph March 22, 2003