Playing or brushing off someone that is interested in a person.
Mike was trying to take Laura out on a date but she kept dubbing him.
by Lilbae77 October 16, 2018
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The act of listening to dubstep constantly and basically letting dubstep become you're life. Motivation for living.
Austin was dubbing all night last night
Dubbing is what gets me through school without it Id be screwed.

Dubbing got me through studying for AP Chemistry

Rather than going on vacation, the teenager was dubbing.
by Sporty316 September 19, 2011
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"Dub dub dub" is short for "WWW" which in turn is an abbreviation for "World Wide Web." "WWW," however, contains nine syllables whereas "World Wide Web" contains only three. "Dub dub dub" therefore is a shortened form of an abbreviation for those who don't want to say "World Wide Web."
by Doug Parks June 14, 2004
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A more gangsta way to say "WWW" (World Wide Web). Most commonly used in the hood.
Thug 1: "Yo dogg, where'd you hear about brizzle browsin'?"

Thug 2: "Ah dogg you need to hit up dub dub dub for all that shit."

Thug 1: "Oh fo sho doggy."
by westfalia December 13, 2009
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AJ said, "Did you catch me on dub dub yesterday?"

Kenny said, "Yeah, you lost to the Best in the World on the Biggest Stage of Them All. Now that's why we kicked you out of our Club."
by Jayaway April 11, 2016
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(and dubya-dubya-dubya)
a shortened form of the www found in a website adress (the varient form is not commonly written or printed)
Thier adress is dub-dub-dub dot yahoo dot com.
by Light Joker September 11, 2005
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1. 20/20

2. W.W

3. Rapper from Palm Beach Florida

4. Two bags of marijuana equaling $40
1. I can see fine, I have dub-dub vision.

2. The initials for Woodrow Wilson is dub-dub

3. We're living good now by dub-dub is always on the radio.

4. I got 40 dollars on me right now, time to get a dub-dub of that good sticky.
by sodarab February 10, 2011
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