A website that lists the meanings for modern day terms as defined by every-day people. Unfortunately, quite a few of these people are unintelligible, narrow-minded and/or foolish. Because of this fact, one who wishes to find an accurate definition of a term they’ve heard is left with the problem of sorting through all of their nonsensical garbage before they can find an accurate piece of information.
However, there are others who submit very precise definitions that are easy to understand and superbly written. These people make up for all the useless trash that clogs the listings, and are much appreciated by the website’s many visitors.
Person A: What is a 'tard'?
Person B: I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps urban dictionary dot com will have it's definition. They have a lot of modern day terms and their meanings listed there.
Person A: Oh, I don't think so. Anyone can submit information to that site. You never know what's right and what's wrong...
Person B: It's worth a try. The writer could be a genius or a fool, but it's a gamble worth taking in the end.
by Jyros August 3, 2006
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an ostensibly wonderful collaborative web effort, to define existing slang as well as coin new terms, which in reality is a scam that steals our contributions and prints them on mugs that cost $19.95.
the reason i posted that thing on urban dictionary dot com was to make the most ironic purchase of my life.
by ms. communication July 27, 2009
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