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Australian slang word meaning uncouth lout.
Frank: Throw a shrimp on the barbie you f***ing yahoo !!
Bob: WTF, we don't say shrimp in Australia...
by Rodolphe May 17, 2005
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An ignorant rural person

(Rude and Derogatory)
Some yahoo was sitting on the bench.
by Light Joker March 12, 2004
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said when excited or content/pleased
Yahoo! I did something I'm not sure I did!
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
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"You Always Have Other Options"
Yahoo! There's another way to do this!
Yahoo! There's another way to get there!
Yahoo! I figured out a way to get out of this mess!
by Casa de mil suenos August 19, 2013
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Yahoo! is a website that provides free e-mail, and also has a search engine and chat rooms, along with an instant messenger service. It is correctly spelled with the exclamation point.
I find it humorous when people say that Yahoo!'s search engine is worse than Google's, because Yahoo! uses Google's search engine to get results. Thus, no matter which one you use, you'lll always come up with the same results.
by Rodney Basil July 10, 2004
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Yahoo is an uneducated person with a backwoods mentality.
Yahoo! shows its real stupid backwoods mind when somebody tries to get help at Yahoo! Help
by bobby dias June 07, 2007
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Email service/search engine/news site (sort of) that does fairly good with the e-mail and search engine parts but is either passing some stupid story about a worthless celebrity either wearing something they consider weird off as news. When they do talk about real news, the comments section is always filled with republican nutjobs who have no idea what they're talking about.
I have a Yahoo! account. Good with emails, bad with everything else.
by Gaaraofthedamned January 25, 2012
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