Any internet-based company whose sole purpose is to make money fast, and whose principle achievement so far is to have lost nearly all the cash they started with.
by Linton July 12, 2003
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The usual ending to a website, also a name for a company online
my dot com company died!
by SSJYugi July 11, 2003
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Used to add emphasis to the ending of a phrase. Usually spoken with a slight pause prior to it, and with a deeper voice than normal.
Lets go get some food--I'm fucking hungry dot com.
by Keens February 9, 2004
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A business which mainly does dealings over the internet; an electronic business that suffered from the economy.
The dotcom boom has been over since 2000, dude.
by Dodger Of Zion July 12, 2003
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Dot Com was used in examples of describing URL's in the 80's instead of period com. Created as a short cut vs saying 3 sylobal word. (Period)
Go to web page Yahoo dot com.
by Scott February 7, 2005
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The IT professionals in India use this add join to any word. Mostly to indicate the maximum limit of fun etc. This can be attached to the word which indicates the activity and you did it fullest
"so you all got together and did what?", "Ohh .... it was only fun dot come"
Can also be used for "thanks" "thanks dot com" .... many thanks "thanks bigger dot com"
by Abhiram September 25, 2005
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A domain extension, often used as a term for the internet or a website.
The dot com industry has lost all advertising money.
by g July 8, 2003
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