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Alternate term for the bloody days of the female menstrual cycle. Most commonly used in public places.
Duder 1: "Yo man did you get laid last night?"

Duder 2: "No doggy, it's marinara season."

Duder 1: "Oh snap! That sucks."
by westfalia December 18, 2009
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A public service (that usually lasts all year) in which you voluntarily take time out of your day to help your buddy pass math class. Most common math pro bono's involve one American student and the foreign kid he's grown fond of and befriended.
Foreign Kid: "Yo dude I don't get this shit! What the fuck is teach talking about when he says cosine of 30 degrees?"

American Kid: "Get your calculator. All you gotta do is put in 'cos(30degrees)' and you'll get '0.866025404'. Simple dude. Are you going to be my math pro bono all damn year?"

Foreign Kid: "Yeah dude, we don't do math in my country."
by westfalia January 12, 2010
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An alternate term for going down on a girl. Most commonly used when talking to others in a public place.
Duder 1: "I can't believe you took that fat girl home last night? Did you preheat the oven?"

Duder 2: "Oh you know it dude. It was sweet like honey."

Duder 1: "Wow man that's so dope."
by westfalia December 11, 2009
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Any act of violence or aggression in a public place.
Chica: "We're through! I've been cheating on you for the past 3 months!"

Duder: "Ahhhhh you bitch!" (punches a tree)

Chica: "Seriously? Nice display of public rage. You're such a loser."
by westfalia December 15, 2009
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A term, most commonly used while rapping, that is short for 'put a camera'.
Duder 1: "Ok, drop that beat. Hit it."

Duder 2: "I take her to da home yea, I putta camera, I tell her"

Duder 1: "Cut! Did you just say 'putta camera'? That's sick doggy!"
by westfalia January 28, 2010
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A combination of 'relax' and 'sex'. Relex is the act of relaxing while having sexual intercourse.
Duder 1: "How was your first time?"

Duder 2: "Oh man it was cool. I was totally relex. I wasn't nervous at all."

Duder 1: "You're my idol dude."
by westfalia December 09, 2009
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A person's extremely small collection (usually 3 or 4 pieces) of clothing that they wear every week. Most people with a repeat wardrobe get made fun of frequently.
Duder 1: "Look dude there's that Italian kid. He's wearing that damn blue shirt again."

Duder 2: "Yea man he's got the worst repeat wardrobe I've ever seen."

Duder 1: "Hey blue shirt kid! Come here, I got some Spanish homework I need help with."
by westfalia January 11, 2010
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