5 definitions by Jayaway

AJ said, "Did you catch me on dub dub yesterday?"

Kenny said, "Yeah, you lost to the Best in the World on the Biggest Stage of Them All. Now that's why we kicked you out of our Club."
by Jayaway April 11, 2016
Martínez said, "Jesus, did you see that?!"

Jesus said, "Holy macaroni! I did!"
by Jayaway August 1, 2016
*superplex from the top rope*
Crowd: "AEDub! AEDub! AEDub!"
by Jayaway July 12, 2019
The abbreviation for All Elite Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019.
Joey: "AEW is gonna be better than WWE."
by Jayaway July 12, 2019
A behavior of sportsmanship that is exhibited in areas that are not sports.
The two politicians were at each other's throats during the campaign, but they exhibited sportsmentality after the results of the election were in.
by Jayaway May 18, 2017