Phrase suggesting that the listener appreciate, celebrate, and recognize and ultimately behold what it is that the speaker is referring.
Nikki stared in wonder at what he saw before him. There was Shannon sitting statuesque on the bar with her ankles in her hands, her smooth tan legs held in a perfect V-formation, her welcoming puss glistening with delight. "Come on, lover.... Drink it in. It's what you want, yes? Figuratively for now.....on a little bit you can get more literal".
by Nikki Stixx August 16, 2020
Usually said to reiterate the importance of drinking. Just saying "drink" once doesn't convey the sense importance surrounding our drinking culture. Said twice, with some gusto,a party shall evolve, like magic.

Can be compounded by saying "drink" as many times until it sounds something like Drinkdrinkdrkkddir
Person 1 : Yo what do you wanna do today?
Person 2: Drink drink!
Person 3: Yeah man, drinkdrindkdrindk!
by Pregame_Palace April 9, 2009
An ocean or other large body of water that is entered unintentionally.
Bob got drunk and put his car in the drink.
by Waycoolrich August 8, 2007
The act of pursuing happiness and self destruction at the same time.
"How can I be so thirsty this morning when I drank so much last night?"
by Godfather June 29, 2005
When something or someone falls into a body of water,or a pool; a plane that crashes into a body of water
That Pilot landed safely in the Hudson River, the plane went right in the drink.
by ACEMAN*NY February 21, 2009
A temporary solution to a very permanent problem
Ah man Jame's dad died and he has been drinking since
by Dirty dick 69 April 27, 2016
To start drinking or A cup filled with booze.
"Get over here so we can get our Drink on"
or "Put down my Drink on and get your own"
by Angelique Pruitt August 19, 2008