the person who is mainly neglected or not used because people tend to not use more than 2 people in examples.
Person 1: hello
Person 2: hi
Person 3: excuse m-
*Person 1 & 2 beat up Person 3 for interrupting their conversation*
by Thaias October 15, 2018
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This is probally the only definition that includes a person 3.
Person 1. *insert text*
Person 2. *insert response*
Person 1. *insert reply to response*
Person 3 . Hello gu- *dies*
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person 1- dude, did you hear about person 3?
person 2- who's person 3?
person 3- yo.
by carrotstew June 3, 2022
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person 1 hi person 2
person 2 hi person 1
person 3 what about me
person 1 ignores*
person 2 ignores*
person 3 crys*
by vanilla8989 November 26, 2021
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When you declare the most quoted verse in the Bible upon your life: "For God so loved me or your name, He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for me or your name.”—when you personally experience His love in your life rather than merely reading or knowing about it.
Like the disciple John, who personalized the Lord's love for him by calling himself "the disciple whom Jesus loved,” you too could personalize John 3:16, so that His love is like a magnifying glass that focuses the heat from the sun over that blade of grass in a field to make it burn.
by MathPlus September 16, 2021
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when 3 people can't hang at a party and try to out do everyone else. the night normally ends with 3 people passing out and puking anywhere they can find a spot.
Guy: omg those girls can't hang!
Girl: like you've never thrown up...
Guy: no i've thrown up.... but i've never had a 3 person puke orgy.
by grosssss2 November 10, 2010
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