When someone makes a comeback so epic, it gives all Canadians orgasms, if you know what I mean. Furthermore, the wave of awesome coming from the comeback itself is so powerful it leaves the offended and the audience speechless, making grounds for the offender to yell the word. Originated when Agent FD killed all the zombies of LA by using slips of the tongue.
Fourth Drink: "Your face!"
Person B: "..."
Fourth Drink: "I fourthed you like maple syrup on spaghetti!"
by Ninja'd! October 1, 2010
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This gerund describes the act of compulsively going to Taco Bell to satisfy a cheap Mexican food craving, and this particularly applies to patronizing Taco Bell after hours, or at odd hours.
Where is Matt?
Uhh he's probably fourthing, you know how that guy loves taco bell.
by KyleTheMan621 May 20, 2007
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1/4 of an ounce. Usually for drugs.
"Ay you got me with the fourth for $60?"
by ChiefBeef300 June 6, 2018
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A celebration of the time the Americans gave the british the biggest L in the history of Ls
British person: “Why is it spelled ‘cancelled’ in the U.K. ‘but canceled’ in America?”
American: “We gave you the L in 1776 on the Fourth of July.”
by 281CubicInchesOfFreedom July 4, 2018
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We Are Hor-.
It is the forbidden WAH and should not be used under any circumstance.
You will lose 8000 life points when used in public.
The Fourth WAH should not be said but I have to say it so you don't....


by a random Tako August 31, 2021
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An area of Alton, IL natorious for cheap nasty prostitutes.
"I saw your girlfriend on fourth street."
by Dot January 4, 2005
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