The sweaty build up of grimmy residue that creates a strong stink that grows over time
Matt:what's that smell

John:haven't showered in a while , must be my dick butter
by Poop in the shower May 22, 2017
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Dick butter is the creamy white stuff that lubricates the inside of the vagina.
Her pussy was slippery and wet, coated with dick butter
by omnipotentgirl January 18, 2004
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When you cum inside a girl's butt, or men if you play for the other team, and keep pounding until your ejaculate becomes lumpy like churning butter. You then extract the dick butter and put it on your morning toast alongside your orange juice.
Yo I got some leftover dick butter from last night if you want some.

I should've churned my dick butter longer, my toast is really soggy now.
by Juicy Pear Nut March 05, 2018
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Another term for saying lubrication. Dickbutter is a funnier and cruder way to say lubrication.
Dude, I went in the store yesterday and half the isle on the left was dedicated to Dickbutter. It was seriously disturbing.
by Turkeymash December 13, 2014
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wen a horny customer has exams and no girlfriend he has 3 tom hanks in a short period without washing his mushroom or the inside of his hood helmet a butterry substance forms and must be washed immediately before his jocks stink.
man i was a horndog this morning and wanking got out of hand....to lazy to scrub my helmet over the sink so next thing ya know dick butter was on the cards!
by Belgrove April 28, 2008
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