When something is so funny that you could just leave the room.
Usually spoken after hysterical laughter.
South Jersey slang.
After a moment of intense laughing, "I left!".
by 6Svart6Metallz6 March 30, 2010
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A statement used by dudes who have sexual relations with attached women when the cuckold gets wind of the situation and the cuckold calls the player in question, promising revenge. Also a song by UGK from their album "Supertight" which explains it a lot better.
Dude: "Yo, you fucking my girl? When I see you, I'm killing yo' ass!"

Cold Mack:"Say Jack, don't hate the player, hate the game! By the way, I left it wet for you, trick!"
by A.C. Smooth December 31, 2011
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A phrase typically used in YouTube titles, to parody ex-buzzfeed employee videos.
YouTube title: Why I left buzzfeed!?
Actual Video: Overwatch gameplay.
by InfowarsAlexJones March 25, 2017
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The action of shoving a mans dick in a womens pussy all night
Hey, how did you like when i left my dick in the kitten
by dicksonś kitten owner December 19, 2017
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An odd saying said by Mr. Stiles, a crazy old tech teacher as RHS. He uses it when students say BS things.
by Lord Dryden May 22, 2008
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When someone is ugly and you need a escape
"Oh no Jessica I left my dog in a tree, I'll be back." *never returns*
by Cphill November 15, 2015
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Similar to "this isn't where I parked my car", it's a phrase used during a fight or awkward situation
Facebook convo:

Person 1: I hate you you're a bitch
Person 2: Fuck you and die
Person 3: You're just mad because she fucked your boyfriend
Person 4: This isn't where I left my oatmeal...
by MuchoMoney August 11, 2011
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