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A Structurestem TM wherein the mental Healthstatform TM of an enlightened Droogworm TM is Judgementationalized TM by a Superior Enlightened Olympian TM in an effort to reestablish the subject's Personhood TM, health, and happiness, as well as to Screwgouge {TM} said patient of all personal Liquidassets TM that may stand in his way of his attaining the desired state of Empty TM.

The father of Diarrhetics TM is Elron Hubbard, or "Captain Love Log" as he is lovingly referred by thousands of nubile, subservient Suckbunnies TM, Hosemonsters TM, and Minionsluts TM around the globe. A brilliant author, scientist, and scholar, Elron first gained fame in he 1920's as the boy author of the hugely successful and controversial "Can I Touch It?" books for children of his own age group.
"Diarrhetics- Providing wives for gay actors since 1979."
by Stefonamus June 16, 2009
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like diabetic, but when you are suffering from diarrhea
Max: "Doesn't Amber want to come to the beach today?"
Cam: "Don't tell her I told you, but she's diarrhetic."
Max: "Eww!"
Cam: "Yeah, I know."
by johnny folsom December 07, 2008
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