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Comes in two flavors:

Type 1: God hates you and your pancreas. It sucks, and the only way anyone can joke about it is by how much it sucks. It's not an excuse to get out of class, it's 'Dear Lord, I am going to pass out'.

Type 2: You got it from developing bad overeating habits in response to depression. The family history on both sides didn't help a whole lot either. You yourself then take control of your weight slowly through therapy, exercise, and relearning healthier ways of eating. Everyone assumes you got it because you ate too many twinkies, and not enough healthy things, like fruit. You don't even like Twinkies. And don't they realize that sugar is in fruit? Also, God hates you.

You and the Type 1 meet at a salad bar. A soft melody plays over the loud speaker. You gaze at Type 1's salad, along the rich greens of spinach decorated with a playful greys of portabello mushrooms. A little bit of dressing- not too much, but just enough. Eyes meet. Gazes linger. "I love spinach too," you murmur in soft tones. "Me too," says Type 1.

The afternoon is spent in delightful conversation about Mongolian heavy metal music and your shared love of the martial art of Bartitsu. As the sun begins to set, setting the sky in an orchestra of bright colors, you both hold hands, and decide that diabetes just sucks in general.
Diabetes sucks.
by Tanyuuuu July 03, 2013
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An awesome disease where you lose a function of your pancreas because God doesn't like you that day.

You get to prick your fingers everyday to get a large sample of blood for you glucose meter. You can either take shots of insulin for every meal, or some people have an insulin pump which continually pumps insulin into your system. The pump is awesome because it's on your side 24/7 and kids and teachers can even make fun of you at school!

Diabetics especially love when people ask them questions like, "CAN U HAVE SUAGR?!?" or, "OMG, CAN I CATCH DIABETES?!" They also love it when you tell them that Nick Jonas has diabetes too, because we're lucky we can relate to him.

There's even some kickass symptoms that you have along with all the needles! When you're bloodsugar is too high, you get to feel nauseous and might even blow chunks! You can also have a headache and double vision, too! When you're bloodsugar is too low, you get to feel lightheaded and shaky, like you're going to pass out.

You can also get badass disease that can be caused by diabetes, like BLINDNESS, HEART DISEASE, KIDNEY FAILURE, AMPUTATION OF LEGS, etc.!

Diabetes is EPIC WIN.
LOLAWESOME: "OMG, you have diabetes? Is that contagious?"

Diabetic: "..."
by i'm a girl February 16, 2009
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A disease that you do not want to get. Trust me, it fucking sucks. You have to take shots all the time and you have to have diet drinks.
I hate having this goddamn shit known as diabetes.
by Mr. Obvious February 15, 2004
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A condition in which the pancreas secretes little or no insulin - a hormone that lowers the blood sugar level.
I have none for the word. However, I must say that AJ is completely oblivious on the subject.
by Jeremy March 09, 2003
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when your pancreas stops producing insulin. NOT because of sugar. type 1 has to do with taking shots/using a pump. type 2 has to do with obesity. where you take a pill. It also includes taking your blood sugar every two hours that you're awake. it's a pain in the ass.
brittany has diabetes, so she has to take insulin before eating anything.
by britterella June 03, 2006
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Just because you have Diabetes doesn't always mean you are fat and dont require insulin. You can be pencle thin and still require insulin. It depends on your body and how it uses the insulin it makes or receives.
I have Diabetes and I'm 5 foot and 100 lbs and require 400 units a day of Humalog insulin because I'm insulin resistant.
by KRYSANN October 17, 2006
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A pain in the ass! it causes nasty scar tissue. you have to take shots(i take 5 a day) and prick your finger with a smaller needle(4 times a day for me). It causes pain and suffering. and to some little kid that thinks it rocks... you are a sick SOB. You need mental help.
I've had diabetes since I was 1 1/2 and now I'm 15.(this is true)
by crizlerr1 May 06, 2008
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