Cam is the best person you will ever meet, he is kind, funny and extremely handsome.

He can be quite sexy or flirty but when he meets the girl he loves he settles for her and treats this girl like a queen. If you have a cam in your life you are very lucky, especially as a boyfriend.

Don’t worry he won’t ever cheat on a girl, he is the most loyal person i know.

His smile will make the world change its a very cute smile :)



Omg is that cam over there - he's really cute :))
by ...Scarlet... July 31, 2019
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An extremely horny guy who loves to see girls in their underwear. He is extremely good at sports and is the biggest flirt ever, he WILL get you in your underwear. He has such a nice body and an amazing smile. He is OBSESSED with the red wings and thinks they are the best even though he's not from Michigan.
Guy: That guy is such a Cam, he gets all the girls.
Girl: Yeah, why cant you be more like him?
by kfromtheghetto April 19, 2011
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Perfect boyfriend, gorgeous, awesome. 100% loved.
Kirsty hearts Cam more than anything, ever.
by heartscam March 10, 2007
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A cam (or camming, deriving from camera) is a bootleg recording of a film. Unlike the more common DVD rip or screener recording methods which involve the duplication of officially distributed media, cam versions are original clandestine recordings made in movie theaters.
Don't download that torrent, it's just a crappy cam.
by GarrethAllyn July 16, 2011
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He is a beautiful/handsome man who deserves the world and everyone should feel honoured to be breathing the same air as cam
Person A: Hey who is that swag handsome man over there
Person B: That's cam, he's really cool
by Ur grandma ;))) January 9, 2022
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Cam is the type of girl who is so nice, sweet, caring, and doesn’t want to loose a friend. If u feel down and need someone to put a smile on your face make sure you talk to cam. Cams have really pretty blue eyes and blond hair. She is often short but the most Gourgous girl you will ever meet (like really hot). She loves to hangout with her friends when she can! If u have a cam in your life there worth keeping because they make great best friends.
Cam is so hot a boy said the other says stop hitting on my girl !
by CAROL+CAROL March 3, 2018
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A cock blocking robot built in a top-secret Russian factory.
There were way too many Cams with this slam piece last night to work any game.
by brotisNixon June 27, 2010
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